Bathroom Renovation

After months of procrastinating, we finally got around to renovating our guest bathroom! The old bathroom was a mix of old and older finishes – beige walls, beige vinyl tile, and painted over vanity with louvered doors: Here is a rough Photoshop image of what we were going for: I could tell by the threshold… Continue reading Bathroom Renovation

Fireplace Door Refresh

Step 1: Materials – Painters Tape – Newspaper – Fine Grit Sandpaper – Palm Sander (optional) – Rustoleum High Heat Spray Paint – Drop cloth – Work Gloves Step 2: Preparation Remove fireplace doors by unfastening four screws in each inside corner. Mine had thumbscrews, so it was easy to do without any tools. Cut… Continue reading Fireplace Door Refresh

Kitchen – Before and After

After eleven weeks of construction action and inaction, the kitchen is finally finished.  We’ve been using the new space for two weeks and couldn’t be happier.  Although we didn’t make many major changes, the new layout is more efficient, feels more spacious, and has improved our day-to-day living.  Pictures below: We chose a combination of… Continue reading Kitchen – Before and After

Kitchen Plan

The existing kitchen has adequate storage space, but counter prep space is lacking due to a choppy layout (door to carport, entrance from vestibule, and entrance from dining room) and unusable corner: The new layout provides more continuous counter space next to the relocated sink and wider counters on either side of the stove: