Bathroom Renovation

After months of procrastinating, we finally got around to renovating our guest bathroom! The old bathroom was a mix of old and older finishes – beige walls, beige vinyl tile, and painted over vanity with louvered doors:

Here is a rough Photoshop image of what we were going for:

I could tell by the threshold at the door that the vinyl tile was likely sitting on top of old flooring since it was raised a good 1/2″ to 3/4″ above the hallway floor. After pulling back the first vinyl tile, we were pleasantly surprised to find the original blue mosaic tile underneath!

The unfortunate part was that this was OLD SCHOOL construction with the blue mosaic tile sitting on a bed of 1-1/2″ mortar that was poured directly over the plywood subfloor. The builder decided not to tile under the original vanity:

The new vanity was raised/open below but had a bottom shelf that would conceal the floor below. Because of this and that we did not have tile to match the existing, we decided to in-fill with mortar:

Other work included raising the plumbing waste line to meet the new sink height, electrical outlet, and vanity light. We also added recessed 4″ round LEDs – once centered on the room and another over the vanity. Below is an image with a test-fit of the new vanity showing the electrical outlet in the old location:

We opted to go with matte black accessories and a light grey paint. Here is an image of the (mostly) finished room:

I’m working with a woodworker to have a new door made for the medicine cabinet and also waiting on some art prints to come in. I’ll post new images at a later date with detailed specs and sources. Thanks for reading!

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