Bathroom Parts List

I’m not sure why it’s so hard to find a decently priced contemporary vanity. Similar styles can be found at Room & Board and Wayfair for $1K plus. We found this vanity at Home Depot for $899:

This Moen faucet $367 is simple and sleek:

Lamps Plus is more than just lamps. We found a 36″ round mirror $200 and vanity light $230:

Float frames are great. They give you flexibility with image size and eliminates the need for a separate mat. We found larger sizes available at Michaels:

Towel bars, robe hook, toilet paper dispensers from Amazon:

The little details make a difference! These door stops are also available from Amazon:

The book Castle by David Macaulay can likely be found at your local library, or purchased (again) through Amazon:

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