Kitchen – Before and After

After eleven weeks of construction action and inaction, the kitchen is finally finished.  We’ve been using the new space for two weeks and couldn’t be happier.  Although we didn’t make many major changes, the new layout is more efficient, feels more spacious, and has improved our day-to-day living.  Pictures below:

We chose a combination of white slab upper cabinets with wood shaker base cabinets.

The floors are a 12″x24″ porcelain tile for durability while giving an appearance of slate.  The counters are a Cambria quartz.

Appliance are GE in a slate grey finish.  We converted from an electric to a gas range which is a first for us.  Cooking with gas has been great so far.  We also have a vent hood that exhausts to the outside (previous hood was re-circulating)!  For the first time ever, we were able to cook bacon without stinking up the entire house.

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