Drapery Pocket

It’s always a mystery trying to figure out why a previous homeowner made certain renovation decisions.  When we moved in, our basement had a bulkhead that butted right up to the top of the trim around the sliding glass doors:

IMG_4512 copyThis made it impossible to add any type of window coverings and privacy was a concern.

In order to resolve this, we ended up modifying the bulkhead to create a drapery pocket.  After cutting a small hole in the drywall to make sure there weren’t any obstructions (ductwork, pipes, electrical, etc.) that would cause any issues, we cut back the drywall to expose the stud framing:


IMG_4514Cutting out the old framing was a bit of a challenge because of the limited space (we made the pocket about 6″ wide), but a reciprocating saw helped.

After re-framing, drywall patching, and replacing some wall paneling we now have a drapery pocket!

IMG_4685IMG_4684The drapery rod was made with black iron pipe to provide a continuous length that would allow us to pull the drapes to one side vs. splitting to either side of the glass doors.  I think this gives a more custom architectural look.

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