Deus Modern Mailboxes


The mailbox we inherited when we moved in was in pretty rough shape:


A plastic mess with a faded red flag and peel-and-stick numbers that were half falling off sat on top of a weathered wood post.  The hinges on the door were broken and on occasion the door would fall off.

I spent a lot of time looking around for a replacement with a modern aesthetic.  The big box stores had little to offer and the nicer ones I found online seemed outrageously expensive.  I considered building one on my own, but had concerns about constructability and stability.

Ultimately, I decided to purchase a custom mailbox from Deus Modern (formerly Aesh Design).  The total cost was $615 which included a Waldo Mailbox, 3″ round post in a powder coated matte black, custom laser cut numbers, and shipping.  I still had heartache spending that amount of money for a mailbox, but after receiving it, immediately saw that it was built like a tank.  The only part I had concerns about was the flag which is made out of plexiglass.  Hopefully it will hold up over time and resist cracking and fading.  Other than that, my hope is that this will be our forever mailbox for our forever home.

Installation instructions are included and are pretty straight forward.  As a precaution, I called the utility company to properly mark the area.  Progress photos:

Communication with Deus Modern was excellent and their customer service has been great both prior to the purchase and many months after installation.

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