We are in the early stages of a kitchen remodel!  Preliminary finishes have been selected to include a porcelain “slate” 12″ x 24″ floor tile, hexagon tile backsplash, cherry wood base cabinets, white painted upper cabinets, and quartz counters.

Black stainless steel is a current trend with appliances.  After reading some articles, we had concerns that it might be a fad that eventually dies and we might end up with mis-matched finishes if we need to replace an appliance down the road.

GE-Slate-Electric-Kitchen-Package-rcwilley-image1400We had every intention of going with traditional stainless steel, but fell in love with the black stainless (GE’s version is slate) when we saw it in a showroom.

We are targeting a July start date and progress pictures will follow.



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